An Analyst Review of Hotmail Anti-Spam Technology

By • Feb 22nd, 2010 • Category: White Papers

Spam has rapidly turned from a mere nuisance into a major security threat and financial drain for all email providers, as they attempt to stem the flood of unsolicited email while ensuring that legitimate messages are delivered correctly to the end user. To make matters worse, spam is often a mechanism used to carry viruses, malware, and numerous other security threats which can compromise a users computer, gain access to sensitive personal information, and cause significant cost in terms of repairs to infected systems. Finally, there is the challenge of successfully blocking spam while at the same time avoiding the accidental deletion of legitimate user email.

While at first spam was relatively easy to block through the use of blacklists, or basic content filtering techniques, spamming methods have advanced to the point that these technologies are no longer sufficient or cost-effective. Anti-spam methods, therefore, have also had to evolve into a complex set of technologies that can be effective in this adversarial environment.

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