How Are We Different?

The Radicati Group offers an unparalleled level of research and market analysis in all the technology areas which we cover. Some of the aspects that make us unique include:

Market Numbers Database

We have been tracking messaging, collaboration, security, wireless and all the other technologies we cover since 1993. Since that time we have built up the largest in-house database of historical market data in the industry which today allows us to produce increasingly accurate market penetration and forecast data unmatched by any other market research firm in our industries. We can provide:

  • Regional breakouts for any country, or region worldwide.
  • Breakouts by vertical industry for any country, or region worldwide.
  • Breakouts by company size for any country, or region worldwide.
  • Cross tabulation across geographies, verticals, company size, technologies, and more.

Well Established Research Methodology & Process

Our research follows a well established research process and methodology which ensures that we provide our clients a consistent level of research across all areas. All our reports are structured in the same manner, to make it easy to cross-check information and understand how trends vary from year to year. In addition, all our market numbers are based on a sound research methodology that ensures consistency and accuracy across all areas we cover.

Depth of Knowledge

Our analysts have a deep understanding of the technologies they cover as well as the business aspects of the market. They are truly experts focused full-time on analyzing industry trends and directions. They are not past employees from leading software firms who often bring with them pre-conceived notions and entrenched likes and dislikes. Our analysts have not been previously associated with any vendor firm and therefore are able to take a completely fresh, objective look at the market.

Worldwide Perspective

All our research takes a worldwide perspective and where appropriate digs into regional differences.

Open Dialogue and Advice

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team as partners and offer you our best insights and frank advice. We are not interested in impressing or flattering anyone. We will always be open in expressing our opinions and we will provide you with the feedback you need to make effective, well-informed decisions. We are happy to sign NDAs and all conversations with us are held in the strictest confidence.