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January 28 9:30 to 10:30 am US Pacific Time – Web Conference Overview –

This web conference looks at the benefits of HD Voice and discusses why network operators should view it as an excellent value added service particularly for the SMB market. While the main focus of VoIP services to date has been cost reduction over quality, HD voice heralds a new generation of high-fidelity voice communication services over the Internet which allows business and consumer users to have a more natural and reliable voice communication experience than ever before.

Mobile operators are missing significant revenue opportunities in the SMB market where workers on the “move” need increasingly reliable high-fidelity voice quality to interact freely with other users and automated systems. It is estimated that the worldwide SMB market for VoIP services will reach $10.4 billion by 2014. Most of this revenue potential, however, will be directly dependent on how well integrated and easy to use various media will be, and to what extent it will deliver quality features not previously available to SMBs at accessible price points.

The web conference will be moderated by Sara Radicati and will feature guest speakers from CommuniGate Systems, Deutsche Telekom and Global IP Solutions.

Guest Speakers

  • Jon Doyle, VP Business Development, CommuniGate Systems
  • Dr. Ulrich Hammerschmidt, VP Innovation Projects, Deutsche Telekom
  • Larry Golob, VP Business Development, Global IP Solutions

Intended Audience

This Webconference is intended for IT Professionals, Investors, Vendors and Service Providers who need to make informed decisions about HD Voice and Fixed-Mobile Convergence.

Download Webconference Slides and Recording

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