Securing Social Media in the Enterprise

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March 29th, 2012 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM US Pacific Time – Web Conference Overview: Social Media is becoming increasingly rooted in the corporate experience, as organizations are realizing that granting employee access to social media is highly beneficial in facilitating communication between colleagues, business partners, and customers. Granting access to social media, however, can be dangerous since it can facilitate the spread of sensitive confidential information, severely impact productivity, and bring malware into a network through blended attacks. In the past, social media controls were often binary and companies would completely block access or allow unregulated use. Today, that is no longer possible and Web security vendors must offer granular controls that help companies provide a safe social media experience. Granular controls for social media sites can help prevent confidential data loss, avoid productivity loss (e.g. block games, allow access only during limited times each day, etc.), and block malware from entering the network. Enabling administrators to choose when, how, and which users can access social media creates a near zero risk of these unwanted activities.

This web conference brings together a speaker panel of experts to discuss how web security solutions have matured to incorporate the right level of granular controls that allow employees to fully leverage the benefits of social media while protecting organizations from unwanted data loss and malware attacks.

The web conference will be moderated by Sara Radicati.

Guest Speakers

  • Kevin Kennedy, Director of Product Marketing, Cisco
  • Libby Koehn, Chief Marketing Officer, Clearswift
  • Patrick Foxhoven,VP of Cloud Operations, Zscaler


9:30-35 Welcome & Introductions (Sara)
9:35-55 Overview Presentation by Cisco, Clearswift and Zscaler (All)
9:55-10:20 Panel Discussion (All)
10:20-10:30 Live Q&A via chat window
10:30 Wrap-up

Intended Audience

This Webconference is intended for IT Professionals, Line of Business Managers, CIOs and anyone who needs to make informed decisions about securing social media.

Download Webconference Slides and Recording

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