Mobile Statistics Report, 2018-2022

By • Jan 29th, 2018 • Category: New Announcements, Reports

This study brings together key data and four-year growth forecasts on business and consumer Mobile Users, Mobile Devices, Mobile Operating Systems, Mobile Email Users, Mobile Texting and Mobile Messaging, including:

  • Mobile Users ”“ Business vs. Consumer, Breakouts by Region, Four-Year Forecast
  • Mobile Devices ”“ Business vs. Consumer, Breakouts by Phone & Tablet, Region, Four-year Forecasts
  • Business Mobile Operating Systems ”“ Four-year Forecasts
  • Mobile Email Users ”“ Business vs. Consumer, Breakouts by Region, Business Size, Industry, Four-Year Forecasts
  • Mobile Texting ”“ Avg. number of business texts sent/received
  • Mobile Messaging ”“ Users, Account, Four-Year Forecasts, Breakout by Region

This report is intended for Organizations, Vendors, and Investors who need to make informed decisions about Mobile adoption by business and consumer users.

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