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Verizon adds Skype video calling to its 4G LTE phones, projected to be as useful as Facetime

By • Jan 7th, 2011 • Category: Blog

At CES Las Vegas, Verizon announced that it will begin to offer Skype video calling to a wide range of its new 4G LTE phones that are being released throughout 2011. Skype has been a big part of mobile communications for some time, but the inclusion of video calling for Verizon’s 4G LTE network gives […]

Google releases new Gingerbread OS, looking to capitalize on the success of Angry Birds.

By • Dec 10th, 2010 • Category: Blog

Google released the Android 2.3 mobile OS, codenamed “Gingerbread.” The new OS is mainly focused on providing a richer multimedia capability for video, voice, and gaming apps. While there are a few new end-user features that come with Gingerbread, such as a new user interface and VoIP/SIP call support, most of the upgrades have been […]