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Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Inbox anxiety: How to regain control of email Feb 26, 2015 City A.M. The average office worker now sends or receives 121 emails a day, according to a recent report by the Radicati Group. Call Me Maybe Feb 25, 2015 Salt Lake City Weekly So I was surprised that “e-mail remains the most common form […]


Friday, January 2nd, 2015

How to Bridge the Communications Gender Gap — From Both Sides Dec 19, 2014 Entrepreneur According to Radicati’s Email Statistics Report, professionals across industries receive more than 80 business emails a day on average. For people in many jobs, that number is much higher. Emails often become lost in the shuffle often and it’s better […]


Friday, January 31st, 2014

Focus will be on providing “enterprise-class support” for mobile data, apps, says Gartner December 11, 2013 FierceMobileIT In fact, the Radicati Group is forecasting that the EMM market will reach over $3.1 billion by 2017. Vendors in the space include AirWatch, BlackBerry, BoxTone, Citrix, Fiberlink, Good, Kaspersky Lab, MobileIron, SAP, Sophos, SOTI, Symantec and Tangoe. […]


Friday, February 15th, 2013

Can Google Apps Crumble Microsoft’s Office Foundation? December 27, 2012 ECommerce Times One of Microsoft’s cash cows has been its Office lineup, but businesses are increasingly adopting Google Apps productivity software. “Google certainly has the price advantage over Microsoft,” said Sara Radicati, president and CEO of The Radicati Group. “Google has a simple, easy-to-understand pricing […]

July 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Parallels Partners See Growth of 47% in Sales of Microsoft Hosted Exchange Seats July 26, 2012 MarketWatch “The ongoing growth in hosted business e-mail services based on Microsoft Exchange Server demonstrates why Parallels and its partners are important as Microsoft continues to build its network of hosting providers and reselling partners,” said Sara Radicati, CEO […]


Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Choose your sign-off December 31, 2011 Standing out in the e-mail onslaught is a challenge. By 2013 approximately 507 billion e-mail messages will be sent each day, according to the Radicati Group Inc., a California-based tech research firm. Even now an e-mail is sent every 0.00000035 seconds. What Timothy Leary Can Teach Us About […]


Friday, July 1st, 2011

Eight Quick and Easy Productivity Wins for IT May 21, 2011 PCWorld Those days are over, thanks to the deluge. According to the Radicati Group, the volume of email, IM, and spam is increasing by 20 to 25 percent per year. Managing all those messages is getting in the way of real work. Global E-mail […]


Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

The Importance of a Company Email Policy December 20, 2010 PayScale Some business leaders share stories of processing over 400 emails daily and the technology-focused market research firm The Radicati Group has found that the average business user processed between 100 and 150 emails per day in the past two years. Google Offers Exchange Insurance […]


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

IT Infrastructure: Iron Mountain Predicts Seven Records-Management Trends for 2010 December 30, 2009 In fact, Radicati estimates by 2013 corporate users will send and receive 219 e-mails daily (equal to 31 MB of data per user) per day. Parallel Lines: UC for SMEs December 10, 2009 MobileNews A study by The Radicati Group predicts […]

September 2009

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Exchange Server 2010 Promises a Brave New World September 21, 2009 Speaking at a Webinar organized by California-based research company The Radicati Group, White said the new simplified administration model is significantly easier, and therefore less expensive, to use. RBAC does away with the need to manage the deeply unpopular access control lists in […]