Facebook to launch music service

By • Sep 2nd, 2011 • Category: Blog

Facebook has rounded up partners Spotify, MOG, and Rdio to help provide music services through Facebook. The music platform will not directly host or stream any music, instead it will rely on third-party partners to provide music for Facebook users. It coincides with Facebook’s model for its applications and games, as it aims to be a platform for music services instead of a provider.

Facebook’s model works for applications and games, but it won’t work for music. Whereas applications and games can come in all shapes and sizes, there’s really only a few ways to skin a cat when it comes to music services. The idea of opening up the Facebook platform to all music providers sounds good on paper, but when users are confronted with a wide array of redundant music services on an already loaded Facebook UI, it’s more likely that they will prefer to stick with Google, Amazon, or Apple’s music services that provide music under a single service. Facebook would do well to learn the lesson MySpace has learned, which spread itself too thin by offering too many services.

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