Cisco to launch Cius tablet for business users

By • Jul 8th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Cisco is launching the Cius tablet, built specifically for business users. The Cius will have connectivity to both WiFi hotspots and cellular 3G/4G networks, a front-facing and back-facing camera, HD audio and video out, integration with most of Cisco’s business products, and will run Google’s Android mobile OS.

At $750 a pop, the Cisco Cius isn’t a cheap alternative for businesses looking to integrate tablets into their workspace. Cisco is hanging its hat on the premise that the Cius will be more attractive to business users because of its integration with Cisco’s business software, its native security capabilities, and its video conferencing capabilities. The problem is that business users are starting to warm to the idea of using Apple iPads and Google Android tablets from other vendors, which are less expensive and will soon provide the same security and video conferencing functionality found in the Cius. While there’s room for an enterprise-specific tablet in the tablet market, the Cius may be another case of too-little, too-late for Cisco.

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