Google unveils Google+ beta to aplomb

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Blog

Google has released its new social networking service Google+ to beta. Some of the features unveiled include “Circles”, which separates groups of friends into different “Circles” and makes it easier to broadcast updates and messages to a specific group, “Hangouts”, a group chat feature that includes multi-person video chat, and “Sparks”, which searches for relevant content that the user may enjoy.

Unlike Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google+ actually has a legitimate chance at making a large impact on the social networking market. The main differentiator is the “Hangout” feature, which is the vital differentiator that can attract users away from Facebook and Twitter. “Hangouts” features multi-person video chat, which completely overshadows Facebook Chat in terms of functionality. There are also strong rumblings about Google adding Gmail integration to Google+. Integration with Gmail could be another killer feature that could swing more users Google’s way, as Facebook’s current Messages system has not yet solved the problem of unifying social networking and email. Google+ is still in beta, but if these features can hold up and work well with a large scale of users, a problem that has plagued Google before, then we could be looking at the next big social networking service.

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