Yahoo releases Yahoo AppSpot

By • Jun 17th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Yahoo has released its app discovery mobile application, Yahoo AppSpot, which can search through the hundreds of thousands of apps on both the Apple App Store and Android Market. Yahoo AppSpot is the newest entry in the app discovery segment of the mobile apps market, which also features GetJar, Amazon’s App Store, and more.

Yahoo’s entry into app discovery is a risky move that may not pay dividends for a company in transition. Focusing on internet services rather than search, an extension towards app discovery may make sense, but it’s a market segment that can’t support many players. Both the Apple App Store and Android Market have native search features that evolve to customer needs with each update, and there are already a litany of apps that help users find relevant apps from the wide selection available on both iOS and Android. While the app discovery market segment is immature, we think that it’s already too late for Yahoo to make any large impact. With established players like Amazon and GetJar having a considerable head start, it will take a lot of work for Yahoo to make its AppSpot a worthwhile investment of resources.

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