Apple releases the iPad 2 with “new” features.

By • Mar 4th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Apple has released its new iPad 2 tablet with some design changes and new features. The iPad 2 is a lot slimmer and a lot lighter than its predecessor, features two cameras (one front-facing and one in the back), FaceTime capability, the new iOS 4, extended battery life, and more.

Users that are expecting an overhaul of the original iPad will be disappointed. The iPad 2 is more of remodel of the original iPad, with a slimmer design, processor and memory, and extended battery life. Some of the shortcomings of the original iPad exist, like the lack of USB or Flash support. Regardless, Apple should move a lot of new iPad 2 tablets thanks to the massive hold of mindshare it possesses within the technology market, but it’s not a revolutionary product by any means. It’s just an update. Customers should also consider Android and Xoom tablets that are catching up at a fast pace to the iPad thanks to better specs and Flash support, which is becoming a large sticking point for users that are not convinced about the iPad’s value. Prospective customers should also consider rumors that the iPad 3 is months away from release, making an iPad 2 purchase redundant in record time, even for today’s technology standards.

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