Meebo acquires Mindset Media

By • Feb 11th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Meebo has just acquired Mindset Media for an undisclosed sum. Meebo is best known for its IM aggregator service and its toolbar on various web content sites, which mixes both instant messaging and social media. Mindset Media is an ad services company that specializes in psychographic targeting for brand advertising. In laymen’s terms, Mindset Media tracks user habits and groups them into personality types, such as “pragmatic” users and “open” users.

Meebo has been moving away from being a traditional IM aggregator for the last two years now. The company is now focused on providing a social media service that allows users to share website content with their IM contacts, as well as providing targeted ads for advertisers and brands. Meebo’s evolution from an IM aggregator to a mixture of IM, social media, and ad services is the result of the current trends in the Consumer IM market. The total usage of IM is going down as more and more people use social networking to connect with their contacts rather than using IM. As a result, Meebo has included social media capabilities with its Meebo toolbar, and its acquisition of Mindset Media will make it an attractive venue for advertisers. Meebo’s efforts to become more than a simple IM aggregator service is a matter of necessity, as we expect there will be less and less users using IM as a mode of communication due to social networking.

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