Verizon’s pre-order stock of the Apple iPhone sold out in 2 hours

By • Feb 4th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Verizon customers have been voracious in their anticipation for the Apple iPhone. It took 2 hours to completely sell out all pre-order stock, leaving the obvious impression that the iPhone is definitely a hot device for Verizon customers. There’s no doubt that the device will be a big business boon for Verizon, but how practical will it be for the regular consumer to get one?

There are already concerns about Verizon’s ability to handle the increased traffic on its 3G networks with the impending release of the iPhone. Verizon has a reputation for having a reliable and fast 3G network, which could be impacted now that iPhone users could start flocking en masse to Verizon when their iPhone becomes available. Another big concern is the timing of the iPhone’s release. It will only be another four months until Apple releases the iPhone 5, with full 4G capability and more. The current iPhone 4 can’t connect to any 4G networks, not even Verizon’s vaunted 4G LTE network. Customers that are in a mad rush to buy an iPhone on Verizon’s network may be standing out in the cold once 4G becomes the industry standard for smartphones. My advice to current Verizon customers would be to wait for the mad rush to subside, and see how Apple and Verizon will treat the release of the iPhone 5.

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