Why You Should Consider Cloud-Based Email Archiving

By • Jan 29th, 2011 • Category: Other

A vast majority of information today is being exchanged via email. In 2011, the average corporate user will send and receive about 112 email messages per day , and this volume of emails sent and received is only growing with time. Organizations not only need a system to store and manage these messages, which may contain sensitive and confidential data, but also a system that provides an efficient way to monitor and retrieve messages that can pose serious legal and reputation threats to organizations. These threats could be internal (loss of sensitive information, a missing paper trail in case of litigation, etc.) or government non-compliance, where a failure to preserve electronic data can lead to large fines, loss of business licenses, as well as personal responsibility – all of which can result in loss of revenue and severe public relation challenges.

This paper looks at the key reasons organizations should consider moving to a cloud-based archiving solution and introduces Perimeter’s Messaging Continuity and Archiving Service, a cloud archiving solution for businesses of all sizes.

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