Dealing with inbox overload

By • Jan 14th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Everyone is familiar with the problems of email overload and we are reminded on a daily basis that it’s becoming impossible to keep track of all of our email communications. We just released a new study called “Inbox Management Solutions Market, 2011-2015” that looks at the emerging market for solutions that promise to ease our daily struggle with our inboxes.

After researching the market for two months, a couple of conclusions have emerged from this space. One, by virtue of this being such a new market, the vendors of this space are all still tinkering with their solutions to turn them into real products. Two, these Inbox Management Solutions work for two different types of users: One is the user that is not tech savvy enough to set their own labels and filters on their inbox, and the other is the user who does not have a suitable process to keep track of their important emails and contacts.  So far we are not too impressed with what is out there, but we do think that as more startups focus on this market we will eventually see some new and interesting paradigms emerge.

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