Cisco’s SocialMiner brings value to otherwise throwaway status updates.

By • Nov 5th, 2010 • Category: Blog

Cisco unveiled its new SocialMiner software designed to interpret the massive stream of social networking data for businesses. With SocialMiner, businesses can sift through the pile of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking data to get more information about the company’s performance in the eyes of its consumers. SocialMiner is symbolic of the larger significance social networking is imposing on businesses, and Cisco is aiming to tackle a potentially invaluable source of information.

SocialMiner looks like it could enhance the value of social networking to the enterprise. Businesses can sift through status updates about their consumer’s dog, and get straight to the point by lifting status updates about the business’ product. By getting these valuable pieces of information, businesses can identify key customer drivers and initiate better dialogue with their customers. From a business standpoint, SocialMiner could be a key tool in interpreting the vast deluge of tweets, posts, and updates into business intelligence that can improve business performance. Of course, from a consumer standpoint, concerns may arise with privacy issues and consumers crying foul about businesses drilling through their social networking profiles.

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