Skype gets a little more professional

By • Sep 3rd, 2010 • Category: Blog

Skype released its Skype Connect 1.0 unified communications offering for businesses. This version of Skype can connect directly to IP-enabled PBX or other unified communications systems, allowing businesses to leverage Skype’s network and calling rates through their existing telephony infrastructure.

Now, businesses can enjoy connectivity with the extensive Skype network and leverage Skype’s low calling rates to cut down on their phone bills. With such sustained success in keeping a very large consumer base with its original client, Skype has been moving towards the enterprise market in order to bolster revenues in lieu of its upcoming IPO.

The biggest draw for enterprises to integrate Skype Connect 1.0 would be to take advantage of Skype’s low calling rates, and to maintain connectivity with the extensive Skype network. Besides that, there isn’t much in terms of UC capability, which makes Skype Connect 1.0 more of a complement to an existing UC system. In perspective, Skype Connect is a little weakened by the fact that its success is maintained by bringing VoIP to the consumer.

Businesses with full-featured UC platforms and clients already in place may find little use for Skype Connect, especially since it doesn’t offer much besides connectivity with the Skype network. In essence, success with the consumer will not always equal success with the enterprise, and it will take more than dressing up Skype in a suit and tie to find success in the enterprise market.

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