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Statistics Anyone?

By • Nov 15th, 2012 • Category: Blog

The Radicati Group just released its annual Email Statistics Report, 2012-2016 while the report is not just about email it provides an interesting perspective on the growth of email and other collaboration technologies such as instant messaging and social networking. Some key excerpts from the report include: The total number of worldwide email accounts is […]

Microsoft to buy Yammer in $1.2 billion deal

By • Jun 15th, 2012 • Category: Blog

Not surprising this is the latest in a string of acquisitions aimed at “modernizing” Microsoft’s position in the post-Internet era. Microsoft has been shyly trying to gain attention in social networking with it’s SharePoint product, but SharePoint is often misunderstood and unloved and while most business customers use it in some form or other today, […]

Symantec acquires LiveOffice

By • Jan 20th, 2012 • Category: Blog

Symantec announced on January 16th that it acquired LiveOffice, a cloud-based archiving service provider, for $115 million. It has been long rumored that these two companies would eventually come together due to their close technology partnership over the last couple of years and the common bond two LiveOffice executives share having previously worked for Symantec. […]

Mobile Access for Microsoft Lync

By • Dec 16th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Microsoft Lync native mobile applications were finally released this week. All versions, however, have not been approved yet for placement in their respective application stores. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft was the first to approve the Lync app for placement in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Apple and Nokia have not yet approved the app for placement in their […]

Nokia’s Smartphone entry in the US market

By • Dec 9th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Nokia is set to release its first smartphone in the US that runs on Microsoft Windows Phone software. Nokia was once the king of the mobile industry, but it got too complacent with its lead that it neglected to properly nourish its Symbian OS to compete with Google Android and Apple iOS. Nokia’s solution was […]

A Speck of Hope for RIM

By • Dec 2nd, 2011 • Category: Blog

Earlier this week RIM announced its BlackBerry Mobile Fusion offering, which is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that administers policies to BlackBerry, Android, and iOS devices. RIM has been known as one of the best providers of enterprise-grade security for mobile phones, and this new offering that brings security and other features to multiple […]

Three Strikes for Google+

By • Oct 28th, 2011 • Category: Blog

Google just introduced a few new features to its social networking site, Google+. The new features, individually known as Creative Kit, What’s Hot, and Ripples, add more tools to help entice consumers to join the 40 million people already on the network. While the new features may look attractive to some, they are hardly a […]

Android Advances Again

By • Oct 21st, 2011 • Category: Blog

Google released its newest Android update this week with its Ice Cream Sandwich iteration. The biggest innovation as part of the release is its compatibility with both tablets and smartphones. This new feature will spell further complications for other smartphone and tablet OS makers in the market.

Another Boo-Boo for BlackBerry

By • Oct 14th, 2011 • Category: Blog

This past week Research in Motion had the biggest outage in the history of its BlackBerry network. The service was said to be restored on Thursday, October 13, but there were still complaints about shutdowns a day later. RIM is hemorrhaging customers to both iOS and Android. This outage will only further encourage wireless users […]

Oracle Now Has Its Own Social Network

By • Oct 7th, 2011 • Category: Blog

This week at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Oracle announced its new social network, not-so-creatively-named “Oracle Social Network”. Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison introduced it during his keynote presentation by stating that, “The biggest change over the past few years is social networking…”. How original!