We specialize in writing whitepapers that effectively position your company and solution in the marketplace.

Our brand name is well recognized as an industry authority and ensures that your products and services gain the full exposure they deserve with customer prospects, media and other industry leaders.

We are particularly well known for whitepapers that explain new product categories and or focus on emerging markets.

Whitepaper development ranges in cost from $5,ooo for a simple 4 page market positioning paper, to $20,000 for a detailed 12-15 page industry education paper.

You can view free samples of some of our whitepapers by clicking this link.

To contact us for a project quote please email Sara Radicati directly at sara@radicati.com

In addition we provide:

  • Webconferences – we are happy to organize and host webconference events based on a whitepaper we have developed for your company. We will work with you to customize the event to your needs and effectively “get the word out” about your offerings.

  • TCO/ROI Analysis – we have extensive expertise in developing industry studies that show the financial impact of new products or technologies. We can survey your customer base to collect TCO and ROI data that can more effectively promote your products to prospective customers.

We are happy to work with you to find the right formula that will most effectively highlight your offerings to the market.