Microsoft to buy Yammer in $1.2 billion deal

By • Jun 15th, 2012 • Category: Blog

Not surprising this is the latest in a string of acquisitions aimed at “modernizing” Microsoft’s position in the post-Internet era. Microsoft has been shyly trying to gain attention in social networking with it’s SharePoint product, but SharePoint is often misunderstood and unloved and while most business customers use it in some form or other today, few use or appreciate it for its social networking capabilities. Feeling pressure from growing use of consumer and business social media sites, Microsoft is looking to jump in more aggressively by buying Yammer. We think this is actually a good move for Microsoft, as Yammer has an impressive customer list and has always had highly positive reviews. The concern however is that Microsoft lately has often not followed through on some of it’s acquisitions – whatever happened to Skype? – so we are concerned that this time yet again Microsoft is just taking a good thing off the market only to be slow to integrate it with its own product offerings and truly add customer value to it.